What is Transition?

Transition is the change from one event to another. Life has MANY transitions…changing from preschool to kindergarten, switching from middle school to high school, graduation from high school into adulthood…to name a few. Getting ready for adult life is exciting…and scary. BUT….there are many people to help if you know where to look.

One place to look is with the MT Youth in Transition (MYT) project. Once a year, there is a MYT conference that you should consider attending. At MYT, you will meet other youth in transition as well as many people from around Montana that have either gone through their own transition and help you know what to expect, or that may have something they can offer to help you with as you plan your own transition.

In the MYT spirit!

Speak up for yourself!

We asked some teenagers what they got out of attending MYT and here is what they said: