Health Transition Plans

Health care decisions become yours when you turn 18. It is a good idea to start early and practice making your own doctors appointments, filling your prescriptions and understanding what your healthcare needs are. There are many resources to help you get prepared– take a look!

Health Resources:

This checklist and script helps you get prepared for doctor visits.

Healthcare Transition Guide (free resource) 

Planning Your Transition from Pediatric to Adult Health Care: A Workbook to Help You Take Charge of Your Health is designed for Montanans under age 30 living with special health care needs and/or a disability. It offers information about preparing for the transition fromhealthcare pediatric to adult health care, choosing medical providers, paying for services, taking responsibility for one’s own health, and much more. Ideally, the workbook will be used as a guide for conversations between youth, their parents, and their medical providers.

Rural Institute on Disabilities has designed this workbook to be free and accessible to anyone who is interested. The workbook may be downloaded from here:

This is a teen health promotion website. The information on this site is developed from evidence informed guidelines, transition reserach and recommendations from important expert organizations. There are MANY free planning resources and links for making successful health care transitions.