Transition Assessments

Comprehensive Assessment Lists

Some organizations have done a lot of work in compiling some very good transition assessment resources. We thank them for that work and are happy to pass along their information!

South Bend Community School Corporation 

SBCSC has a very nice list of downloadable resources for transition assessments in Education, Employment, Independent Living, Self-determination and more!

Oregon Dept of Education Transition Community Network

This website not only has a variety of transition assessments, but also curriculum resources for teachers, resources and support for parents and VR Counselors.

Learning Styles

C.I.T.E. Learning Styles Inventory

The C.I.T.E. is divided into three main areas: language, visual language, auditory numerical, visual numerical and auditory-visual language

♦ Information gathering includes auditory l, auditory numerical, visual numerical and auditory-visual-kinesthetic combination.

♦ Work conditions focus on whether a student works better alone or in a group.

♦ Expressiveness considers if a student is better at oral or written communication.

Learning Styles Inventory

This Learning Styles Inventory offers an additional way of evaluating preference, and also gives some suggestions as to how to plan your academic success with the resulting knowledge.

And…one more

This is another type of learning styles inventory with questions that are based more on school environments. This inventory also has many learning strategies for various learning preferences.


Independent Living

Independent Living Checklist
The Independent Living Checklist can help identify independent living goals.

Self-determination and Self-Advocacy

AIR Self-Determination Assessments

The American Institutes for Research (AIR), in collaboration with Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City, developed the student, parent, and educator  versions of the AIR Self-Determination Assessments with funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. The AIR Self-Determination scale:

  • produces a profile of the student’s level of self-determination
  • identifies areas of strength and areas needing improvement
  • identifies specific educational goals that can be incorporated into the student’s IEP


MN Career Facilitators Guide

The MnCareers Facilitator Guide offers Minnesota-specific career resources. These include related activities, lesson plans, and curricula to engage students and clients in career exploration. Activities include worksheets that teach explorers how to use the data found in MnCareers and other products to research career and education interests.

Employee Evaluation Form for Work Experience Students

This form gives students and supervisors an opportunity to evaluate the work experience and can be used as an informal assessment for future goal setting.

Work Experience Evaluation Form

This form is for a supervisor and/or job coach to fill out upon observing a student in a work experience setting.

Work Habits Observation

This form is an opportunity to observe and record observations of student work habits.

Job Site Interest Summary

This form is for a student to evaluate a work experience and determine next steps.