Teaching Self-Advocacy

There are many different skills to teach under the heading of Self-Advocacy, and it can be difficult to know where to start and what to address. Below, you will find some resources available to help design your own approach to this topic.


Teaching Self-Advocacy to Students: an online resource kit for educators

The Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment (U. of Oklahoma) hosts this very comprehensive self-advocacy and self- awareness curriculum. It contains lesson plans, materials and additional resources.

Whose Future is it Anyway? (2nd edition)

The University of Oklahoma, Zarrow College for Learning Enrichment, has created several transition related lessons and resources, including a section about self-advocacy and decision making. Other sections on their website cover transition assessments and transition planning.

For students with significant disabilities, this site also has posted some Preference Indicator assessments that may be used as information assessments in the transition planning process.