Sample Forms, etc.

Elementary Age


  • Practice expressing needs and asking for help
  • Understanding accommodations and goals in IEP
  • Practice coping strategies and modifications (if necessary) for disability
  • Practice talking to adults about personal goals and educational goals

Sample documents for IEP participation:


Middle School


  • Begin Writing and participating in IEPs
  • Be able to describe disability in own words
  • Understand how the disability presents itself
  • List accommodations and modifications needed in various settings/classes
  • Be able to explain accommodations to teachers

Sample documents for IEP participation (these may also apply to high school students):


High School


  • Be able to talk with teachers about disability, modifications and accommodations
  • Practice advocating for accommodations and modifications in appropriate ways
  • Be able to set up meetings with teachers to discuss needs
  • Understand laws of IEPs
  • Present (at least) sections of IEP in meeting
  • Develop skills to participate as a team member