Providing Information about Supported Decision Making/Guardianship

Teachers are often asked to provide information to youth and parents about guardianship and supported decision making. Guardianship tends to be the only option presented to families when their child reached age of majority. However, there are a variety of person-centered options for supported decision making and legal supports. Below are a variety of resources available to help

There are many resources available to help youth and families make informed decisions.

  • PLUK (Parents, Let’s Unite for Kids) is a wealth of information for parents on a variety of topics. One PLUK Parent Advocate, Theresa Baldry, prepared ahelp2presentation that explains Supported Decision Making. Click here for information on Supported Decision Making.
  • MYTransitions Region II created a brochure for youth and families entitled, Turning 18– Who Makes the Decisions? This informational brochure describes the process of transferring rights to an adult student and how families and teachers can help students plan for this responsibility. Additional resources are also outlined in this brochure.
  • The Autistic Self-advocacy Network published this guide called: The Right to Make Choices: International Laws and Decision-Making by People with Disabilities. This guide is an international document, but does a nice job of explaining all of the different options concerning guardianship and decision making. There are many options that can be considered.
  • The Center for Parent Information and Resources has a variety of resources in helping prepare yourself AND your teen for reaching the age of majority.
  • Alternatives to Guardianship: Here is an publication from the Rural Institute on Disabilities about alternative to guardianship.