Independent Living

Montana Association of the Blind

MAB provides/helps with the following items:

  • Getting to know others in your area, your age group, with your eye condition, Connecting with others who as a blind person have faced employment, dating, raising a family ?
  • Interest-free loans for equipment, programs for young people like skiing / hiking, camps (recreational / science) or  scholarships or attending a summer orientation program for further skill training?
  • Accessibility, Ophthalmologists, Transportation, Service organizations –  especially in rural Montana?  We gladly share our resources!
  • Advertising home-produced items / skills you make & want to sell!
WHO – We are adults, youth & parents connected with blind / visually impaired living anywhere in Montana especially “rural Montana”.  We are the “At Large chapter of the MAB (Montana Association for the Blind).
HOW – We call each other & meet monthly on a free conference phone line to visit, listen to speakers, answer questions …  Our monthly newsletter  reminds us, hits current issues & highlights people.
PLEASE contact:                             Evelyn Pool, Secretary
(406)846-7592                                  3 Claggett Street                 Deer Lodge, MT   59722