This is a great website for Montanans looking for housing as well as related information such as energy assistance, rental assistance and budget information.

Interested in buying your own home? The Montana Home Choice Coalition has assistance and information available to help with that goal, as well as much more housing related information!

Where should I live after I graduate?

Exploring housing options for people with disabilities relies on creative planning especially in rural Montana.  Transition age youth will experience house hunting as a challenge with wait lists, age requirements and limited public dollar funded housing. The main housing options to explore are public funded versus privately funded and renting versus owning.
Living with roommates is an option that may be more affordable by sharing expenses such as rent and utilities. A roommate may also be willing to provide personal care for a discount on their share of the living expenses.
Living in an apartment located at a family member’s or friends home may help create independence while still having help nearby if necessary.
Transportation is another thing that needs to be thought about when looking at housing options.