2021 MYT Conference


Thank you to all who participated in the 2021 Montana Youth Transitions Conference.

Stay tuned for information on the next annual MYT Conference!




Virtual MYT Conference:

Use the link that was emailed to you to access the conference to access workshop handouts and information. That information will be posted until the end of January. 


In-person MYT Conference:

In-person Schedule at a Glance: click here

In-person Conference Handouts: to save on paper and waste, please check the following list for available handouts and slides:

Monday, Nov. 15, 2021

Keynote: Richard Pimentel: no handouts

Monday Sectionals:

  • Youth/All: Soft Skills—What Employers Look For (panel): no handouts
  • Educator Roundtable (Ashley House, facilitator): List of Resources
  • Youth/All: Staying Active with Special Olympics(Teresa Rainforth): PPT Slides
  • Parent to Parent Roundtable (facilitated)
  • Youth: Preparing for the Real Life Fair (and fun…): no handouts
  • For Educators & Rehab Professionals: Understanding the Value of Disability Advocacy (Richard Pimentel & Milt Wright): Handout 1;    Handout 2
  • Using Assistive Technology to Work Independently (Michelle Allen, MonTECH): PPT Slides
  • Post-secondary Accommodations (Bonnie Kurien): Post-secondary Handout;   PPT Slides

Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021

Keynote: Zach and Cherie Ronish: PPT Slides

Luncheon Keynote: Anna Haslund: PPT Slides

Tuesday Sectionals:

Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021

Keynote: Michael Woods: no handout

Wednesday Sectionals:

  • Youth/All: Let’s Talk Health: Planning for the Future (Isaac Baldry & McKenzie Jones): PPT Slides;   HCT timeline;   Setting Up Medical ID;   YOUTH Readiness Assessment;   PARENT Readiness Assessment;   5 Steps to Prepare; Goal Setting Tips
  • Youth/All: Be a “BOSS”: Building Occupational Success Skills (John Howard & Gavin Workman)
  • Youth/All: Moving Mountains (Zach Ronish)
  • Youth/All: Social Security & Work: Dispelling the Myths (Tamara Warlick & Sharon Kagarise): PPT Slides
  • Turning 18 & Social Security: The Age 18 Redetermination & Other SSA Information (Margaret Keener): PPT Slides
  • Parent Panel: The Good, the Bad, and the Successes of Transition (MEC facilitated panel)
  • Youth/All: The Summer Camp that Changed My Life (MYLF): Engaging & Creating Community (Mike Beers & Jen Hermanson): no handout



Meet the 2021 MYT Keynote Presenters: Keynote bios


Vendors participating in the 2021 in-person conference: 

2021 Vendors for In-person Conference Vendor Fair (Tuesday, Nov. 16)


We Appreciate Your Support!

The MYT Conference is supported entirely on generous donations and registrations. If you would like to be a sponsor, please look over the sponsorship information and let us know if you have any questions. We appreciate your support!

2021 Sponsors:

This conference isn’t possible without the generous donations and contributions from our sponsors.

  • North Central Independent Living Services
  • Montana Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • All of our participating presenters and vendors!


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