Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA) is the primary funding source and administrator of the public Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Services programs in the United States.  In 2014 the WIOA set Montana’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Services program and the rest of our nation’s public vocational rehabilitation agencies on a new path.


WIOA Fact Sheet from UMass Institute for Community Inclusion

Major changes/initiatives under the WIOA regarding Pre-ETS:

  • New Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) for students
  • Pre-ETS to be provided in an educational setting
  • Pre-ETS can be provided to groups
  • Competitive/Integrated work
  • Limitation in the use of sub-minimum wages

In addition to the new initiatives and changes within WIOA, it also requires VRBS to reserve 15% of service dollars for the purchase of Pre-ETS through case services and with schools.  In order to accomplish this task VRBS has chosen to utilize three service strategies.  The first is the traditional case services that VRBS has provided to individuals with disabilities.  In conjunction with case services the second is making funds available to school districts to build and enhance transition services in their schools. The third strategy is funding for special projects such as the Montana Youth Leadership Forum, Montana Youth Transitions, Movin’ On and an e-Mentoring program.  These are independent programs that assist Montana students with preparing for college, life and careers.


Pre-ETS Technical Assistance Center

In order to help schools, VR counselors and community service providers with Pre-ETS services and contracts, Montana Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Services has contracted with the UM Rural Institute to create a Pre-ETS Technical Assistance Center.

The Pre-ETS TAC team has staff and consultants available to schools and VR offices across the state of Montana.  Each region of the state has a primary contact person from the Pre-ETS TAC team who will serve as the geographic contact or lead for the particular region (see map below). These Project Coordinators will have regular communication with schools and VR offices in their region and work with them to identify needed resources, materials, training and information to implement quality Pre-ETS services for students.

They also offer regular resource announcements (ie webinars, transition updates, publications, etc) via a listserv.  If you interested in adding your name to the Pre-ETS listserv use our online form, or contact Kim Brown, Project Coordinator, kim.brown@mso.umt.edu. The Pre-ETS TAC will develop resources, products, and trainings in response to local, regional and state need.


How to Contact

Contact Ellen Condon, Pre-ETS TAC Director, for more information at (406)243-4134, ellen.condon@mso.umt.edu; or the geographic lead in your region.

Pre-Employment Transition Services Technical Assistance Center Contacts