Transition to What?

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  1. Roseanna
    April 8, 2015 at 10:58 AM

    son with tbi and cognitive processing difficulty.. transition to regular employment maintained the last 9 months but is having a difficult time transtioning into new positions that he is more than qualified for and can do but because of his difficulty and his consistent patterns of doing things the way they have been lined out have made him a target as an emlployee not completing what tasks are being asked of him as he has been overwhelmed by requests when his job duties and training outlined them clearly but when out of sync can be deemed hard to deal with or as a personal vindetta to compete for his job.. There are others who have more significant job than him with more disabiliities apparent to their performance. He was not comfortable bringing up the processing and tbi disability because of a difference in raising him and voices his dad and I played. I am an advocate and his father is a avoider unwilling to label his son with his disability and the resources there for him. He has had some legal issues that are coming to an end and has spent much of his young life in an instutional setting where he has strived. It is also allwoed him to become more self sufficient. He wants more oppurtunity in employment and has picked a well established comp to stay with and work with and can in the future transition with the organization and locations. He has also met a young woman with a infant who is a year younger than him.. he is 19. She is planning on attending medical training to become a physician and my son would lijke to attend 4 year training to become a nurse and possible nurse practioner. What assistance can you provide to him or resources, training, brochures, on site trainining or advocacy in each of these areas.. I feel like my hands are tied some now that he is a an adult and needing to make these decisiosns. I also did confront angularly this manager who had been demeaning his character and his ability to perform his tasks and the way he did. It was not in his employee file or in the mind of the managers that he had a tbi disability while being born with right hemiparsis with right front lobe injury due to hydrocephaulus from birth and led to futher injury and an echodensity the size of his right ventricle that became functioning with this bodily fluid transisiton with a vp shunt finanaility which is not currently working but at this time beneficial more to keep placement than remove. He also had gone through a valve to withdraw csf at first than a shunt to a final shunt revision in his all 19 years.. 3 procedures all done prior to his 6 months of age. He out grew seizures and after being told he would never walk due to the wake of his trauma to his brain swelling.. He runs faster and harder than any of my 3 runners.. He also conquered cognitive processing of speech and reactive speech after being so frustrated to bite through his skin and pull his hair. He has better english and grammar skills than his mom who has a bachelor in communications and accocunting.. He learned protective patterns to protect himself in life from falls, from individuals not so kinda and learned good processing when placed or put into a situtaion that could lead him back down a path to being institutionalized by not thinking through his thoughts and actions first nor reacting with anger even in scarrier situations. He is my hero.. Thank you for your site and I appreaciate all you can bring to our family as it grows.

    • mytmary
      May 19, 2015 at 3:22 PM

      Hello, Roseanna. Thank you for your note. I apologize I didn’t see it until now. Is your son involved with Vocational Rehabilitation? Also, are you located in Montana? If so, where? That will help me know what resources I can try to help you connect with. Finally, we have the Montana Youth in Transition conference coming up November 4-6 in Great Falls that is something you should consider coming to with your son.

      My email is if you would like to respond to me that way and we can keep in touch and continue this conversation.

      All my best,

      Montana Youth in Transition

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