Classes for Youth and Professionals

Montana Youth in Transition (MYT) would like to help facilitate positive employment experiences for SS ModulesALL Montana youth, including youth from a variety of backgrounds, youth with a wide variety of career aspirations and youth with disabilities.

Using the MYT Soft Skills curriculum, youth and young workers in Montana can learn valuable employment soft skills to help them develop and maintain positive relationships at work as well as learn important decision making skills to help them navigate the complex world of work.

We have two training opportunities. The Soft Skills Youth Academy is for high school aged youth and the Soft Skills Train the Trainer course is for adults who are working with youth on learning employment skills and would like more resources and information to do so. For more information about our classes and the MYT Soft Skills curriculum, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact Us: Mary Di Biase

                       Ph: 406-442-2576


Soft Skills Youth Academy

Class size may be customized

Course fee: Contact MYT staff for details.

Length: 4 hours (can be modified as necessary)

This academy is an interactive, fun and informative class for youth and young workers on how to understand some of the necessary and invaluable soft skills necessary to navigate the employment world.

Each student of the MYTransitions Soft Skills Academy will leave the class with a tool box of communication strategies and a workbook for further practice. We teach in integrated settings, to ensure that all students have access to this information, including students with disabilities.

The academy focuses on five of the curriculum chapters. Teachers may continue  teaching the remaining lessons from the student workbooks that are provided.

Soft Skills Train the Trainer Course

On request, but need a minimum of 5 participants

Course fee: contact MYT staff for details

+Length: 4 1/2 hours (can be modified as necessary)

OPI educator renewal units are available

The Train the Trainer course is for teachers, parents, employment specialists, job coaches, counselors, and anyone else who are involved in teaching employment and soft skills to youth and young/new workers.

This course includes an overview of the MYT Soft Skills Curriculum, strategies for teaching Soft Skills in a diverse classroom, as well as related resources and assessments that enhance the subject matter and student understanding and engagement.

The MYT Soft Skills curriculum is free and was developed with the intention that all Montana educators and Workforce professionals would have access, to ensure that Montana youth, no matter where they reside will have access to these tools.