Family Transition Planning

Family Transition Plan Training

 Cost: contact MYT staff for more details

A parent’s guide to supporting your child’s transition into adulthood.

The Montana Youth Transitions Project (MYT) recognizes that the parent/youth relationship is a key component to successful transition planning and that all aspects of a person’s life should be explored to ensure a well-rounded transition plan.


The Family Transition Plan Training is designed to help parents of youth with disabilities who are preparing for the monumental step into adulthood. For all youth at this stage in life, it is an exciting and scary time; there are many things to prepare for and consider. Parents also have difficult transitions to make—assisting their students in finding their independence as well as effective resources and opportunities, while letting go and transferring some of the responsibility and decision making.

The Family Transition Plan Training is specifically for youth with disabilities and their parents/guardians.

Youth and parents attend the Family Transition Plan Training together. A portion of the training will consist of work with youth and parents respectively, followed by a group session with all participants.

Key components of the Family Transition Plan Training include:

  • Parent to Parent discussion
  • Parents’ role in Transition – support and staying out of the way
  • Know your student’s likes and dislikes
  • Promoting self-determination in the home
  • Family Transition Needs and Preference Survey
  • Parent Checklist for Transition Planning
  • Setting Family Goals

For information about how to schedule a Family Transition Planning training in your community, contact us at 406-442-2576