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Community Investment Fund Applications are Available!

Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 Community Investment Fund and are due May 1st. Do you have an interesting idea or project to promote inclusion for people with disabilities? Would a small amount of start-up funds help you get your project off the ground? Applications for the Community Investment Fund are now being accepted…complete and return your application… Read more →

Providing Guardianship and Supported Decision Making Information

Resources for Making Guardianship Decisions The process of helping students and parents make decisions about guardianship, conservatorship and supported decision making can be confusing, emotional and overwhelming. There are no easy answers for this process, and there is not a one-size fits all approach, either. However, there are resources available to help youth and families make informed decisions. PLUK (Parents,… Read more →

Montana Association of the Blind

Montana Association of the Blind MAB provides/helps with the following items: Getting to know others in your area, your age group, with your eye condition, Connecting with others who as a blind person have faced employment, dating, raising a family ? Interest-free loans for equipment, programs for young people like skiing / hiking, camps (recreational / science) or  scholarships or… Read more →

Transitioning from high school to college

Thinking about what you will do after high school can be both an exciting and scary experience. The number of students with disabilities attending college is increasing each year. Students who attend college demonstrate growth in many areas: academic skills, social skills, independence, self-advocacy skills, and self-confidence. Students find that they need to begin planning for college while in high… Read more →

Talking about Relationships and Sexuality

Discussing relationships and sexuality with teens can be a tricky and awkward conversation in general. For parents and educators of youth with disabilities, it can seem particularly filled with landmines. However, it is an important topic for a wide variety of reasons and finding that you aren’t alone in this journey can be helpful. MYTransitions has several resources available (click… Read more →

Transitioning from High School to College

Making the transition from high school to college is one of the most difficult and confusing transitions in a person’s life. Many students with disabilities aren’t aware of the differences in services between high school and college and aren’t sure who to ask for help. NCWD published a comprehensive and friendly workbook that outlines what to expect, who to ask… Read more →